• S.V. Xenia

    Student association linked to the Academy of Hotel and Facility Management, Breda

Sororities & Fraternities

S.A. Xenia has 1 mixed fraternity, 2 sororities and 1 fraternity. They all have their own rituals, image and bar in Breda. They are all completely different and fun in their own way!

The wildest nights!

With around 200 members there is always a lot of fun on our association night! Many liters of liquor are processed by our livers, not to mention the hangovers the next morning. Still, it’s all worth it!

But do not forget to study!

Besides all the fun stuff, studying is also very important! Especially for our first years, who need to obtain their Propaedeutic certificate. Therefore, it is certainly not a taboo to ask for help for study-related questions. Everyone shares the same passion and goals!

G.D. Egidius

G.D. Egidius is the only mixed fraternity in Breda, founded on the 28th of November in 2002. Part of S.A. Xenia, the association for Hotel Management students of Breda University.

D.D. Vigeo

Damesdispuut Vigeo is the most pink sorority of Breda.

We love a good drink, a good party and spending time together. Every Tuesday night you can find us in Café Walkabout with a glass of rosé or a beer. Every Wednesday evening the ladies in pink are to be found in Borrel Bar Breda. Where together with our friends from Xenia, we have the most amazing nights. Vigeo is a sorority without the old-fashioned hierarchy. The ladies of Vigeo are Young, Powerful and Full of Life!!

Come have a drink with us and we will cheers to another unforgettable night!!

Sorority NYX

Sorority NYX is the youngest and the only international sorority (in Dutch ‘Damesdispuut’) of Breda, as well as for the Student Association Xenia, being the baby sister of Damesdispuut Vigeo and Gemengd Dispuut Egidius and the big sister of Fraternity Palto.
NYX stands for the Greek goddess of the night, and we are proud to carry that name and honor that by enriching the night life of Breda. As a sorority, we organize our own parties, have activities with other sororities and fraternities and go to their parties. Additionally we have our own set of traditions, such as 21-dinners and Nyx Annual Trip. Besides just having fun, Sorority NYX is also an opportunity to network and learn from students who are further along within International Hotel Management. We are a group of fun, spontaneous, enthusiastic group of girls that love to spend time with each other by going out and experiencing all there is in our student life, whether it’s a spontaneous dinner with the girls, visiting parties and events organized by other sorority’s and fraternity’s as well as organizing parties and trips of our own.

Fraternity Palto

Fraternity Palto is the youngest of all the sororities and fraternities within Student Association Xenia, since were founded on the 21st of March, 2012. Nevertheless, we are the first international fraternity within the association and the Breda University Academy of Hotel Management.

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